Online Video Poker

If you’ve been considering checking out the latest in online video poker but just don’t have a clue where to start, congratulations; you’ve come to the right place. Though not nearly as complicated as traditional poker, like its predecessor, this modern version of poker is growing tremendously in popularity as more and more would-be video poker sharks are discovering the thrills of playing video poker.

First, let’s examine what exactly video poker is and how it is different ­– if at all – from the video poker games played in traditional land-based casinos. Many people consider video poker to be a combination of a poker game and a slot machine. In fact, video poker is only similar to slots in the sense that both games are viewed on a video screen, both in a land casino or on a computer monitor if playing at an online video poker at your favorite Internet casino website.
Luck or Skill?

Besides plenty of coinage, winning at slots requires little else but luck… and then some. However, with video poker even a little bit of skill can go a long way towards improving a player’s chances of winning. When playing slots the only decision a player has to make, besides which game to play, is how much money to wager. Video poker, on the other hand, requires genuine decision making, and these skilled judgment calls definitely impact each video poker game’s outcome.
How to Play Online Video Poker

In essence, Video poker is a computerized version of five-card draw poker. But instead of competing against other players or a dealer, video poker players compete against a computer. The game’s winning combos are based on five-card draw poker rankings in conjunction with the pay table on the particular game being played. Online video poker is played just like the video poker games enjoyed in land-based casinos, (but obviously you don’t have to drop in real coins).

After placing your bet, you are dealt five cards which appear on your screen face-up, in a horizontal row. At this stage you decide whether or not you wish to exchange any or all of your cards for new and hopefully better ones. To replace the cards you wish to discard, you simply click the Draw button and the machine automatically presents new cards. This hand is now your final hand and you are rewarded for it according to the pay table conditions.
Winning at Online Video Poker

As we mentioned above, because a certain degree of skill can be applied when playing video poker, employing an effective strategy in order to boost your chances of winning is definitely possible. It’s also important to remember that the odds in video poker are among the best to be had. Best of luck (and skill) championing the exhilarating world of video poker!